A Vêneto


Vêneto Mercantil is among the largest B2B distributors in Brazil and has over 34 years of history. We proudly work with renowned national and international brands in nine different products categories focused on the food and beverages industries with more than 1.300 customers including wineries, craft brewers, food&beverages, and other industries.
Vêneto has two business units, both in Rio Grande do Sul state, located in the Serra Gaúcha, southern Brazil, a region of European colonization that possesses a strong concentration of beverage industries, mainly microbreweries and wineries. The head office is in the city of Flores da Cunha, the largest wine producer in Brazil. The branch office is in the city of Bento Gonçalves, a reference in the production of fine Brazilian wines. Since 2021 we have a sales office in SP to expand business and attend our clients all over Brazil and LATAM for some categories.
Veneto is always looking ahead, but always taking care of its legacy. We believe in long term relationships, both among clients, supply partners and stakeholders, thus, our guidance and goals strongly rely on trust and commitment. Throughout these years, Veneto has kept its values and has built strong partnerships that are still growing until the present day. It is worth mentioning that our longest international partnership is also our first and started in 1997.


Vêneto Mercantil has extensive importation experience in Brazil since most of the goods it trades are from abroad. All items are received at the head office and then shipped to the branch unit or directly to the clients.
Due to the strategic location of both units, Vêneto can attend a large part of its customers via its own delivery trucks. Extreme agility in the delivery of goods to customers plays a big factor in the loyalty and preference of companies that buy from Vêneto Mercantil. Customers also can be attended by outsourced carriers having the same service level all over Brazil.


The company relies on expert full-time salespeople, with large experience and being prominent for the wide technical knowledge. All team is focused on the commercial activity and advising customers about processes, analysis and technical support in general.



Here is where all the administrative activities as well as sales are concentrated. This unit has an approximate storage capacity of 5,500m² divided into two warehouses.


It carries out the activities of merchandise storage and sales, with capacity for approximately 500 m².

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